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AIChE Content Curated for Young Professionals

AIChE has curated several series of content to help recent graduates and young professionals in their early careers. Check out these article bundles and webinar bundles to keep your skillset sharp!

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CEP Bundles

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The Top Professional Development Skills

CEP brings you career advice, tips on how to workplace communication, the young professional workplace perspective, and more.

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The Best of Equipment Series

Learn more with this series on equipment covering valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and more.

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The Most Beneficial Technical ChemE Skills

Read up on important technical ChemE skills.

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AIChE Career Tips eBook

Superhero Success: How AIChE is helping ChemEs achieve professional triumph and land their unicorn careers.

By: Alaina G. Levine, Quantum Success Solutions 

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Webinar Bundles

Leadership Development Bundle

This webinar bundle includes 12 webinars centered around enhancing skills in leadership, management, and team building, mentoring, and more.

ChemE Technical Skills Bundle

Life Skills Webinar Bundle

This webinar bundle includes 10 webinars centered around enhancing skills in finance & investments, networking, technical writing and more.

Communication: Keys to Success Bundle

These 7 targeted webinars on the topic of Communication will help you gain the skills to insure you communicate successfully.

Job Changing Skills Bundle

View this special grouping of past webinars on the subject of Landing Your Next Job. Learn how to secure your next engineering job and find out the tools you need in order to successfully interview, negotiate and thrive in your new position.

Process Safety Fundamentals Bundle

This grouping of webinars on Process Safety will educate you about flammable materials as well as lessons to take away from hazardous incidents. Expand your knowledge of hazard analyses by learning more about material safety data sheets and how industry handles reactive chemical hazards.

Professional Development Blog Posts

While not commonly associated with sales and marketing, chemical engineers' training actually provides important and useful skills for marketing and sales careers.

Act now to meet the approaching deadline for the 2023 Langer Prize as well as for the Institute and Board of Directors' Awards.

Some of the changes in academia that COVID made necessary seem to be here to stay — and some of them actually seem like a silver lining.

Hear what AIChE president Christine Grant has had on her list of goals, how those goals have become reality over the past year, and where things are headed for AIChE and chemical engineering.

More than 150 new and recently hired chemical engineering faculty members received a crash course in classroom techniques and profit from the mentorship of more-experienced faculty.

See the many activities members take part in through the AIChE student chapter at India's National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, and check out views of their campus and facilities.

Chemical engineers are a good fit for product development careers because they are analytical thinkers and problem solvers. But learn what else chemical engineers need to work in product development.

Chemical engineers’ ability to work with fine detail makes them a good fit for quality management careers, whether in quality assurance or quality control. Learn more about these career opportunities.

Bioengineering & Translational Medicine, a premier journal in bioengineering and related fields, seeks a new editor-in-chief with a vision that will build on the journal's accomplishments.

Dr. Pope is being recognized for contributions that emphasize a concern for the common good, a willingness to give time and comfort, and the ability to draw together varied resources to solve problems.

Project management is an important skill many chemical engineers need and use in their work, and it generally comes with opportunities to work on other skills such as communication, leadership, and coordination.

Looking to make a career change? Check out how other chemical engineers have applied their skills by pursuing a law degree or an MBA. Also, get advice on hiring consultants, learn the latest industry news, and much more.

Professional Development CEP Articles

Emerging Voices: Looking Back at the Senior Design Project

Every new year, I like to look back and reflect on my accomplishments in the past year. In 2022, my biggest accomplishment was graduating with a degree in chemical engineering from the Univ. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Winning Strategies for a Successful Job Search

Use these three key steps to ensure a focused and successful job search.

Should You Consider an MBA?

In this article, three chemical engineers describe their experiences pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and give advice for those considering returning to school for an MBA.

Good Engineers Can Make Good Lawyers

When pondering what to do with your chemical engineering degree, consider law. Many engineering skills prove valuable in a legal career as well.

Angel Investing in Start-Ups: Putting Your Experience to Work

Angel investors drive industry innovation and enjoy collaborating with start-up founders and fellow investors. Angel groups make it easy to get started and can increase financial returns while reducing risk.

An Insider’s Guide to Hiring a Consultant

Knowing how to select and work with consultants is an important skill. This article provides valuable insights from an experienced consultant about the process of obtaining consulting services.

Editorial: Reversing the Quiet Quitting Trend


Emerging Voices: Condensing Years of Research Into Three Minutes

Graduate students conduct numerous hours of research throughout the course of their academic careers, culminating in a dissertation or thesis.

Career Connection: Network for your Job and Career

Your career success likely depends on your network. Approximately 60% to 90% of jobs are filled through networking.

Career Connection: Finding the Right Job or Career

Earning a living, achieving optimal work-life balance, and cultivating happiness can all depend on finding the right job or career. This article explores what it means to forge a career path and offers advice from seasoned engineers.

Career Connection: How to Prepare to Create a Great Résumé

I am often asked, “How can I write a great résumé?” As a résumé writer and career coach with a background in chemical engineering, my answer is: “Hire a résumé writer.” However, you can write an excellent résumé for yourself if you prepare before

Emerging Voices: Turn on the Stereo: Engaging in Mentorship from all Directions

Will you be my mentor? This question is common in corporate and academic environments, and I’ve asked some version of it while navigating my career path.