AIChE Content Curated for Young Professionals

AIChE has curated several series of content to help recent graduates and young professionals in their early careers. Check out these article bundles and webinar bundles to keep your skillset sharp!

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CEP Bundles

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The Top Professional Development Skills

CEP brings you career advice, tips on how to workplace communication, the young professional workplace perspective, and more.

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The Best of Equipment Series

Learn more with this series on equipment covering valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and more.

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The Most Beneficial Technical ChemE Skills

Read up on important technical ChemE skills.

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AIChE Career Tips eBook

Superhero Success: How AIChE is helping ChemEs achieve professional triumph and land their unicorn careers.

By: Alaina G. Levine, Quantum Success Solutions 

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Webinar Bundles

Leadership Development Bundle

This webinar bundle includes 12 webinars centered around enhancing skills in leadership, management, and team building, mentoring, and more.

ChemE Technical Skills Bundle

Life Skills Webinar Bundle

This webinar bundle includes 10 webinars centered around enhancing skills in finance & investments, networking, technical writing and more.

Communication: Keys to Success Bundle

These 7 targeted webinars on the topic of Communication will help you gain the skills to insure you communicate successfully.

Job Changing Skills Bundle

View this special grouping of past webinars on the subject of Landing Your Next Job. Learn how to secure your next engineering job and find out the tools you need in order to successfully interview, negotiate and thrive in your new position.

Process Safety Fundamentals Bundle

This grouping of webinars on Process Safety will educate you about flammable materials as well as lessons to take away from hazardous incidents. Expand your knowledge of hazard analyses by learning more about material safety data sheets and how industry handles reactive chemical hazards.

Professional Development Blog Posts

A strong and complete LinkedIn profile will help you stand out among the crowd. Use these tips to increase your visibility.

Consider these tips if you want to earn an MBA part time while also continuing to work in your current chemical engineering job.

Build your chemical engineering career with LinkedIn by determining which features and strategies will give you the most value without becoming a time sink.

Chemical engineers in management have a whole different set of skills to master beyond technical skills. Learn what skills these managers need today and how demands are changing.

How much does a chemical engineer make? Find out, along with much more detailed salary breakdowns for chemical engineers in this year’s salary survey.

This issue, brush up on process control basics, get tips on dust hazard analysis, and identify root causes of heat exchanger tube failure — and much more!

Need to up your Excel game and boost efficiency at work? Check out the six tips in our Excel series designed for solving chemical engineering problems.

These simple but important lessons drawn from daily work life can simplify any chemical engineering career path you choose, traditional or otherwise.

Has the pandemic caused a career setback or undesirable job situation? Regroup and rebuild with these career tips to turn a seeming roadblock into an opportunity.

Need to find a way to spend more time away from work and your devices? Use these tips to set boundaries and create healthier habits.

After almost ten years of distinguished service, Michael P. Harold will be stepping down as Editor of the AIChE Journal.

By keeping these three points in mind, you can shorten the path to building a strong and successful business.

Professional Development CEP Articles

Emerging Voices: Looking Beyond the Engineering Perspective

The ongoing COVID pandemic has vividly illustrated how science and social context are intertwined. Early warnings from not only public health experts, but also social scientists and historians, gave clues to how the pandemic could unfold.

Profile: In the End, Learning Matters Most


Career Connection: Build An Engaging LinkedIn Profile

While it is not the largest social media platform (that distinction goes to Facebook), LinkedIn has a significant online presence of more than 756 million members in over 200 countries.

Emerging Voices: Keep Your Job and Earn Your MBA

Many professionals decide to pursue their Master of Business Administration (MBA) part-time to maintain their salary and career trajectory. This is a great opportunity to advance your skills, but it requires careful consideration.

Institute News: June 2021

Introducing Some of AIChE’s Recently Elected Fellows

Editorial: The Results Are In


Career Connection: What Skills Do Managers Need Today?

The fight for social justice, hybrid work models, and shifting employee expectations are changing the workplace. Change brings ambiguity and uncertainty that may require managers to adapt their mindsets and skillsets.

Calendars: June 2021

Notice: AIChE continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our meetings and courses, with many events moving to virtual platforms. The following events are on schedule as of May 12, 2021.

Books: June 2021

Industrial Biotechnology

2021 AIChE Salary Survey

Median Salary by Year

Emerging Voices: Lessons from the Plant Floor


Editorial: AI Learns Something New Every Day. Shouldn’t We?

imagesMachine learning — a branch of