AIChE Content Curated for Young Professionals

AIChE has curated several series of content to help recent graduates and young professionals in their early careers. Check out these article bundles and webinar bundles to keep your skillset sharp!

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CEP Bundles

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The Top Professional Development Skills

CEP brings you career advice, tips on how to workplace communication, the young professional workplace perspective, and more.

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The Best of Equipment Series

Learn more with this series on equipment covering valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and more.

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The Most Beneficial Technical ChemE Skills

Read up on important technical ChemE skills.

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AIChE Career Tips eBook

Superhero Success: How AIChE is helping ChemEs achieve professional triumph and land their unicorn careers.

By: Alaina G. Levine, Quantum Success Solutions 

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Webinar Bundles

Leadership Development Bundle

This webinar bundle includes 12 webinars centered around enhancing skills in leadership, management, and team building, mentoring, and more.

ChemE Technical Skills Bundle

Life Skills Webinar Bundle

This webinar bundle includes 10 webinars centered around enhancing skills in finance & investments, networking, technical writing and more.

Communication: Keys to Success Bundle

These 7 targeted webinars on the topic of Communication will help you gain the skills to insure you communicate successfully.

Job Changing Skills Bundle

View this special grouping of past webinars on the subject of Landing Your Next Job. Learn how to secure your next engineering job and find out the tools you need in order to successfully interview, negotiate and thrive in your new position.

Process Safety Fundamentals Bundle

This grouping of webinars on Process Safety will educate you about flammable materials as well as lessons to take away from hazardous incidents. Expand your knowledge of hazard analyses by learning more about material safety data sheets and how industry handles reactive chemical hazards.

Professional Development Blog Posts

Not caught up on the top chemical engineering news of the summer? Check out this summary of ChEnected's most popular posts from July and August.

Whether you're looking to move into management in your current company, or seeking a new job in management, these tips can help you chart a course.

This month, discussions about networking groups for young chemical engineers, an inquiry on tips for organizing nationwide student events online, and more. Ask your questions and share your advice.

Reframe your job search based on what a potential employer needs and how you can fulfill that need. Check out these six tips for highlighting your value.

This month, there's an Engage conversation about personal finance tips, while others are sharing accounts of accident incidents, or looking for fellow students interested in biomedical topics.

Need a boost at work? Try a new perspective. Not focusing on the negative and trying to keep the positive in view can go a long ways to improving life at work.

Learn how to make the most of the many online networking events planned for the 2020 AIChE Virtual Spring Meeting & Global Congress on Process Safety August 17–21.

By creating a system to keep your home and office organized, you simplify your life and reduce stress. Find tips here to declutter and keep things organized.

Catch up on the most-read articles and most-discussed topics with this summary of top trends at AIChE for the past 2 months. 

Apply your chemical engineering skills to the job search with these practical tips for finding a new job in the era of COVID-19.  

Have or need tips on using AI to solve technical problems? Looking for advice on how to search for a chemical engineering job in these unpredictable times? Find these conversations and more on AIChE's Engage.

If you're looking for online learning in chemical engineering, biological engineering, process safety, and other related fields, check out this post for tips on how to find the best fit—even if your budget is $0!   

Professional Development CEP Articles

Career Connection: Financial Strategies for Difficult Times


Emerging Voices: Transition from College to Corporate Life

You have probably heard — or experienced — that looking for a job is a job itself. It is not uncommon to apply for many jobs before getting an interview or two, despite impressive credentials and a thoughtful application.

Career Connection: Declutter Your Life to Reduce Stress

Albert Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” If you are inclined to agree with Einstein, you may think that a messy work area or home is indicative of creativity or the ability

Career Connection: Learn Video Communication Skills

Suddenly, more of us are working remotely. When our workplaces shut down, we scrambled to set up makeshift home offices, which we share with family members who are also working or learning remotely.

Young Professionals Point of View: Gen Z Join the Team

Successful project execution requires the best teams, composed of the best individuals. But, to leverage the best individuals, you need to understand their perspectives and the value they bring to the team.

Career Connections: Be Productive in an Open Office


AIChE Journal Highlight: A Chemical Engineer’s Guide to Initiating an Academic Career

The path from graduate student to professor is a rewarding but arduous journey that requires advancing through multiple stages of career development.

YPOV: ChE Problem Solving: The Double Diamond Approach

Imagine you are a new process engineer and notice that a distillation column is producing product at 99% purity. The product specification, however, is 94% purity, and you know that exceeding this mandate is a financial loss.

Interpersonal Skills for Chemical Engineers

Don’t be a grouch — learn to get along with others.

The ChE in Context: How Important Are Professional Credentials and Licenses?

There is a strong chance that you fall into one of these five categories if you are a professional:

Career Connections: Become an Effective Company Spokesperson

During the 1973 oil crisis — in which the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) proclaimed an oil embargo against the U.S. — T. Ed Griffith was an executive spokesperson for Getty Oil.

Transitioning to a Leadership Role

The skills that make engineers and scientists successful in a technical role are not the same as those required by leadership positions.