Allyship and Advocacy: Becoming an Advocate for Women | AIChE

Allyship and Advocacy: Becoming an Advocate for Women

Wednesday, July 21, 2021,
1:30pm to 3:00pm
Virtual / Online

Inclusive and diverse environments are essential to fostering creativity and innovation. In order to create an inclusive environment, there must be allies and advocates for those that are experiencing oppression in the workplace.


Please visit this link to watch the recording of the Allyship and Advocacy Workshop, as we learn to inspire men and women to advocate for women in the workplace. This workshop is a resource to all that are interested in learning more about becoming an ally or advocate for women. People at all career stages, from students to leaders in the field, are welcome.


You will hear perspectives from Alex Lambros, Execution Modeling & Optimization Engineer and Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) Global Director; Cynthia Murphy-Ortega, Manager, University Partnerships and Association Relations from Chevron Corporation; and others.

Key questions answered:

  • Why is inclusion and diversity important to chemical engineers?
  • What is allyship and advocacy?
  • How can I be an ally/advocate?
  • How can I create an inclusive environment?

Panel Discussion to follow to hear from the following leaders:

  • Michael Determan,  Senior Technical Manager, 3M
  • Sharon Glotzer, ChE Dept. Chair, The University of Michigan
  • Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos, Chair and Dean's Leadership Professor, University of Florida


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