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Officer Elections

Candidates for the following section vacancies are listed below.  The call for nominations closes on December 15, 2021.  However, at the annual Election Meeting, nominations may also be taken from the floor.  Only members of AIChE and the section in good standing are eligible to hold office.

Voting for the Candidates shall take place at the section’s annual Election Meeting (TBD) and their installation will take place at the section’s Annual Meeting. 

Duties -

Vice-Chair:  In absence of the Chair, shall preside at all meetings of the section.  The Vice-Chair serves as the Chair of the Program Committee which makes arrangements (topic, speaker, location, food and time) for eight (8) or more monthly meetings (September through May).  Term of office is one (1) year, then serve as Chair for one year and then serve on the Executive Committee for two years.

Secretary:  In absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, shall preside at all meetings of the section.  The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Section and issue a report to the Institute (i.e., National AIChE), outlining the activities of the Section during the year.  The Secretary shall coordinate section meeting attendance with the Treasurer (e.g., receiving individual e-mail reservations).  After the annual election (i.e., December meeting), the Secretary shall forward the names of the officers and members of the Executive Committee to the Institute.  Term of office is one (1) year.

Treasurer:  In absence of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, shall preside at all meetings of the section.  The Treasurer shall keep a financial record of the Section.  The Treasurer shall be charged with the collection and disbursement of funds (e.g., collection of meeting credits and debit payments) as authorized by the Chair or the Executive Committee.  Mid-year and end of year financial reports shall be prepared for the Executive Committee (essentially automated). Term of office is two (2) years.

Executive Committee Member (elected):  Provides guidance, recommendations and opinions at Executive Committee meetings. Former section officers usually best candidates to fill this position.  Term of office is three (3) years.