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Warren K. Lewis Award for Chemical Engineering Education

Recognizes distinguished and continuing contributions to chemical engineering education.

Nominations: General award provisions, a description of the nomination packet, and a link to the nomination platform can be found at https://www.aiche.org/community/awards/awards-provisions-eligibility.


A plaque and $5,000, plus up to $500 for travel allowance.

DeadlineFebruary 15, 2024
PresentationPresented at the Honors Ceremony of the AIChE Annual Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

The recipient will have made important contributions to chemical engineering education based on one or more of the following:

  • Success as a teacher, based on an established command of the subject matter and an ability to inspire students and colleagues to high achievement.
  • Contributions of lasting educational influence such as superior textbooks, lectures, and laboratory techniques or models.
  • Impact upon the education of chemical engineering students as a result of creative ability. This may be evidenced by scholarly contributions to literature, inventions, contributions to developments in industry, through consulting or through government service.
  • Leadership in administering a department or equivalent group.

The recipient does not have to be a member of AIChE.

SponsorsExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company

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