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Nicholas Peppas

Regent Chair Professor
Cockrell College of Engineering, University of Texas

Nicholas A. Peppas is a distinguished chaired professor in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Pediatrics, Surgery and Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin. Over 47 years his group has set the fundamentals of molecular structures of networks and hydrogels, analyzed the solute transport in complex networks, studied molecular recognition in complex biological fluids,  and developed new intelligent biomaterials, nanodevices, therapeutic agent delivery systems for oral, buccal, sublingual, and gastrointestinal delivery of drugs, peptides, and proteins. 1,800 publications, IF of H=200 (181,000 citations). Numerous US patents issued or pending, 3 start-up companies. Awards include NAE Founders Award, NAM Adam Yarmolinsky Award, AAPS Pharmaceutical Global Leader and Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientist Awards, Elsevier Biomaterials Global Leader. Peppas is a member of eighteen Academies including NAE, NAM, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Inventors, Academia Europaea, International Academy of BME, Canadian Academy of Engineering, Indian National Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Korean Academy of Science and Technology, National Academy of France, Royal Academy of Spain, Academy of Athens, Greece, Romanian Academy of Scientists & Academy of Texas. He is the Editor-in-Chief of “Regenerative Biomaterials” (Oxford). He holds a Dipl. Eng. from NTU of Athens (1971), a Sc.D. from MIT (1973) and is the recipient of fifteen honorary doctorates and professorships from the Universities of Ghent, Parma, Santiago de Compostela, Ljubljana, Bucharest, Tel Aviv, and four Greek Universities in Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, and the National Technical University of Athens. He has been honored by the Giulio Natta Medal from Italy, the APV Medal from Germany and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the USA.