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Program Committee's William H. Doyle Award

The Program Committee and the Process Safety Division presents this award in memory of Bill Doyle. He was a founder of the AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium series and contributed greatly to the knowledge and understanding of loss prevention in the chemical industry for over 50 years.

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A plaque.

AdministratorsProgram Committee (PC), Process Safety Division (PSD)
PresentationThe award is presented at the Loss Prevention Symposium during the Global Congress on Process Safety.
Nomination Instructions

Selection criteria include:

  1. The paper is clearly written and well presented.
  2. The paper has a wide applicability to chemical industry loss prevention efforts.
  3. The paper adds substantial knowledge to the field of loss prevention.
  4. The paper engages the intellect of the audience.
  5. Would cause BILL DOYLE to rise to his feet, ask a penetrating question, make decisive comments, and then lead the applause.

The award recognizes the best paper presented at the previous year's Loss Prevention Symposium. The recipient is selected by a vote of the members of the Loss Prevention Symposium Committee.

Award winners