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Energy and Sustainability Award

The Energy and Sustainability Award shall be given to individuals in industry, teams from industry, or entire companies who have accomplished significant energy savings, improved the sustainability of chemical processes, or developed innovative technologies for energy generation or delivery that hold significant promise of favorable economic or environmental impact. 

Examples of the types of contributions to be recognized include:

  • Developing innovative technologies for producing and delivering energy
  • Finding new ways to conserve energy and make processes more efficient
  • Identifying and developing new sources of energy supply
  • Effecting positive change in behavior of suppliers or consumers of energy
  • Generating better understanding of complex energy systems
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of energy technologies
  • Improving the sustainability of providing and using energy

Nominations: General award provisions, a description of the nomination packet, and a link to the nomination platform can be found at


A plaque plus $7,500.

DeadlineFebruary 15, 2023
PresentationPresented at the Honors Ceremony of the AIChE Annual Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

Selection of the winner of the award will be based on three key criteria:

  • Impact of the contribution – has it made a difference?
  • Magnitude of the challenges that were overcome – what was the degree of difficulty?
  • Innovation and technical creativity – what is the intellectual content?
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