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Division & Forum Awards

Division and Forum Awards honor individuals for excellence in their technical fields. A wide range of fields are represented.

The Fuels and Petrochemicals Division Academic High School Scholarship


Two $1000 awards.

DeadlineMarch 31, 2019
AdministratorsFuels & Petrochemicals Division (F&PD)
PresentationThe award is presented at the Fuels and Petrochemicals Division Annual Award Luncheon at the AIChE Spring National Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

Eligibility: Eligible applicants are graduating high school seniors with exemplary academic records and demonstrated leadership potential. Eligible applicants must plan to attend an accredited four year university in the fall and plan to major in engineering or science. College acceptance letters and proof of registration must be presented to F&PD’s scholarship panel prior to disbursement of awards.

Application Package:

  • Application Form- Completed and signed application.
  • Transcript- Official copy of applicant’s high school transcript(s).
  • Essay- Applicant must submit an original, typed, single-sided, double-spaced essay which discusses a current event in regards to Fuels & Petrochemicals Industry and shares the applicant’s thoughts (i.e. gas prices, alternative fuel sources, carbon credits, plant safety, ethanol, biofuels, shale gas, etc.)  Essays should be no more than 1000 words in length.
  • Letter of Reference- Applicant must submit one letter of reference from a high school or community leader which discusses the applicant’s scholastic ability, character and/or leadership characteristics.
  • Sponsorship Letter – Applicants must submit a sponsorship letter from a practicing engineer or scientist. The letter should state why this applicant is being sponsored.

Mailing Instructions:

All materials must either be mailed in one envelope or package, and be postmarked before March 31, or e-mailed before 11:59 pm Pacific Time on March 31, 2019.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Address to:

Fuels & Petrochemicals Division of AICHE

Attn: Scholarship Panel/Sheima Khatib

Department of Chemical Engineering

Box 43121

Lubbock, TX  79409-3121


Award Determination

The Scholarship Panel will review all applications and rank applicants for the award. Award will be based on academic merit, Letters of Recommendation and creativity/clarity and merit of the essay. Any special situations may also be taken into account. The scholarship committee will be made up of 4-5 members of F&PDs Executive Committee. 

Notification of Award

Winners will be notified via phone and mail by F&PD’s Scholarship Panel, and acknowledged at the F&PD Spring Awards Event that is held in conjunction with the AIChE National Spring Meeting. The winner and up to two guests are invited to attend the Awards Dinner event at no charge, however, the winner is responsible for all travel expenses associated with attending the event.  Attendance is not mandatory.

The Fuels and Petrochemicals Division of AICHE (F&PD) is pleased to sponsor two $1,000 one-time awards to exemplary high school seniors who plan on studying engineering or science. F&PD is committed to introducing high school students to careers in Fuels & Petrochemicals through its programs, helping to fuel the industry’s need for top talent in the future.

Transport and Energy Processes Division Award


A plaque and $500.

AdministratorsTransport and Energy Processes Division (TEP)
PresentationThe recipient is invited to speak at a Transport Energy Processes Division dinner, held at the AIChE Annual Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

Selection criteria include:

  1. Distinguished service of a chemical engineering nature, in heat transfer or energy conversion as a professional engineer, educator, or AIChE leader
  2. Outstanding contributions of a chemical engineering nature, in the field of design, construction, operation, or management of heat transfer or energy conversion facilities or enterprises
  3. Research or development of new processes or equipment relating to chemical engineering applications in heat transfer or energy conversion
  4. The recipient must be a member of AIChE

The award is presented once every two years.

Send five copies of the nomination package to Dr. Daniela Mainardi, Associate Professor, Louisiana Tech University, 911 Hergot Ave. Ruston, LA 71272; Phone: (318) 257-5126. 

Nomination Form

SponsorsFauske & Associates LLC

Recognizes an individual's outstanding chemical engineering contribution and achievement in heat transfer or energy conversion.

UEFA Outstanding Student Poster Contribution Award


Honorarium awarded to recipient. Multiple awards may be given each year. 

DeadlineNovember 15, 2018
AdministratorsUpstream Engineering & Flow Assurance Forum (UE & FA)
PresentationAwardees will be notified by email following the Annual Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

All student poster presentations presented in the UEFA Poster Sessions are eligible for this award. 

The UEFA Outstanding Student Poster Contribution Award is presented to recognize innovative and impactful science performed by student researchers.

Award recipient must present their work at the AIChE Annual meeting, be a current undergraduate or graduate student (or <12 months since...

Undergraduate Student Poster Competition' Award

DeadlineApril 15, 2022
AdministratorsComputing & Systems Technology Division (CAST)
SponsorsComputing & Systems Technology Division (CAST)

CAST participates in the Undergraduate Student Poster Competition.

Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Upstream Engineering & Flow Assurance Forum Award


A plaque. 

DeadlineMay 15, 2019
AdministratorsUpstream Engineering & Flow Assurance Forum (UE & FA)
PresentationAwardees will be recognized at the AIChE Annual Meeting UEFA Dinner.
Nomination Instructions

Send a nomination letter (<2 pages) to the UEFA Form Secretary no later than the listed deadline. The current UEFA Secretary is Gizem Gokal

The Upstream Engineering & Flow Assurance Forum Award is presented annually to recognize significant contributions in service and/or research to the UEFA Community.

Award recipient must be a current and active member of the UEFA Forum of AIChE.

W. David Smith, Jr. Graduate Student Paper Award


A plaque and $1,500.

DeadlineApril 17, 2023
AdministratorsComputing & Systems Technology Division (CAST)
PresentationThe award is presented at the CAST Division dinner at the AIChE Annual Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

Electronic submission of a single PDF file consisting of the nomination form, nomination letter, CV and supporting letters should be sent to the CAST Second Vice-Chair, Selen Cremaschi.

If you would like to re-nominate a candidate, you should submit an updated nomination.

For instructions on how to submit a nomination and details regarding the awards, visit the Call for Nominations page.

Call for Nominations

SponsorsSiemens Process Systems Engineering

This Award will be given to an individual for outstanding published work in chemical engineering computing and systems technology. The publication shall consist of a single paper based on work done by the individual while pursuing graduate or undergraduate studies.