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CEP: News Update

News Update
Nanoparticles Detect Sulfur Content in Crude Oil; Putting Waste Heat to Work; New Process Prints Personalized Drugs; EPA to Cut CO2 from Power Plants; Microbes Convert Biodiesel Waste into Valuable Chemicals

Capturing Carbon from Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants

Special Section
Jared P. Ciferno, Timothy E. Fout, Andrew P. Jones, James T. Murphy
DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory is spearheading R&D on a variety of post-combustion and oxy-combustion technologies to cost-effectively achieve 90% CO2 capture.

The Future of Coal-Based Power Generation

Special Section
James R. Katzer
Despite its image as a dirty fuel, coal remains an economic choice for baseload power generation—and it can, in fact, have very low emissions.

Capturing CO2: Membrane Systems Move Forward

Special Section
Suzanne Shelley
Membranes offer inherent advantages over absorption-based CO2 capture from post-combustion fluegas and pre-combustion syngas, but numerous design and scale-up challenges remain.

Climate Change - What Does the Research Mean?

Critical Issues
Michael J. Economides, Xina Xie
Claims within the science community about whether and how global warming is affecting hurricane intensity and frequency, the ice field of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the polar ice masses are inconsistent and warrant further investigation before any...

Profiles in Flue Gas Desulfurization

January, 2000
As the need to control process emissions has increased, so have the number of FGD treatment and control strategies. The effectiveness of these treatments vary greatly, depending the types and levels of the materials, as well as the size of the facility. Profiles in Flue Gas Desulfurization will...


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