About the International Congress on Energy

Inaugurated in 2010, the International Congress on Energy is one of the largest conferences devoted to Energy Research & Development in the world. A constituent part of the AIChE Annual Meeting, the Congress allows attendees working in all areas of energy R&D to exchange ideas, make connections and advance the state of energy technologies.

Attendees are able to attend all sessions of the AIChE Annual Meeting which includes the 2nd Annual World Congress on Sustainable Engineering as well as sessions of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Electrophoresis Society (AES).

Why Should You Attend?

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in all the sustainable/renewable energy sectors by attending this ONE event
  • Network with colleagues and business prospects during the co-located networking events
  • Share best practices in the interactive Congress sessions
  • Receive in-depth session content in your area of interest

Who Should Attend?

Chemical engineers and other engineering and scientific professionals working in:

  • Power Generating Utilities, Independent Power Producers, Municipal Utilities and Cooperatives
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Energy Advisory and Planning Agencies
  • Research and Training Institutions
  • Large Energy Users
  • Renewable Energy Site Owners and Managers
  • Manufacturers of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Consultants in Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Architects, Engineers and Construction Representatives
  • Or if your involved in one of the following energy sectors: Solar, Wind, Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Biofuels, Waste, Waste to Energy, Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage, Sustainability

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Prior Congresses

2011 International Congress on Energy

October 16-21, 2011, Minneapolis MN

The 2nd International Congress on Energy featured more than 100 sessions related to technology, markets, business strategies and policy covering the solar, nuclear, lignocelluosics, biorefineries, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and green innovation energy sectors.

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2010 International Congress on Energy

November 7-12, 2010, Salt Lake City, UT

Attendees at the first International Congress on Energy discussed and debated the increasingly important question and focus on energy supply-related issues from multiple viewpoints. The program featured cutting-edge research meant to stimulate innovative thinking that will advance energy supply efforts across the board to compare existing energy supply options.

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