Ning Yang | AIChE

Ning Yang

Ph.D, Professor, Institute of Process Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ning Yang is a Professor and the dean of Research Center of Meso-Science (COM) at the Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His earlier work is about the multiscale simulation of gas-solid two-phase flow in fluidization. This pioneering work is devoted to develop the EMMS drag model (Energy-Minimization Multi-scale) to improve the multiphase CFD simulation of circulating fluidized beds. His current work is about the CFD modeling of gas-liquid and gas-liquid-solid systems. He developed a EMMS method with consideration of meso-scale structures and energy dissipation in gas-liquid systems, and then successfully integrated the method into CFD simulation. He is also the leading scientist in many projects on industrial application of CFD simulation, e.g., incorporating with BASF, BHPB, BP, SinoPec, Synfuel China, TOTAL, and Unilever. He obtained the Excellent Young Scientist Fund from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2012. He is a member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the Youth Council of China Society of Particuology (CSP), the secretary of International Conference on Multiscale Structures and Systems in Process Engineering (, and the Scientific Advisory Committee of International Conference on Gas-liquid and Gas-liquid-Solid Reactor Systems (GLS).