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Gay Wyn Quance

CEO and Co-Founder
Solid Carbon Products LLC

Gay Wyn Quance is the CEO and co-founder of Solid Carbon Products LLC.  Solid Carbon Products makes carbon dioxide (CO2) profitable by converting CO2 into valuable durable carbon products and pure water through a patented, low cost, catalytic converter process – the Noyes Process.  This changes the economics of CO2 mitigation from a cost burden to a profit stream. Being able to profitably deploy CO2 as a feedstock means that the economics of carbon capture can be driven by profit. The Noyes Process is net carbon negative, providing a positive environmental impact.

Ms. Quance has over 30 years of experience working with technology platforms and applications in the electric, gas and water utilities markets. Serving as Vice President – Professional Services, implementing large-scale Smart Grid deployments for electrical utilities, enterprise resource management applications for nuclear power generating stations, aluminum and paper manufacturers.  Prior to this she was a commissioning and reliability engineer at Ontario Hydro Nuclear in Canada, ensuring safe, reliable operation. She holds her Honors Bachelor of Science, Chemistry & Geology from Carleton University.