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Career FAQ's


Connect with colleagues, gain access to technical information, get information that will help you with your career and personal finance and more.  Set up your account and begin networking and reaching out to fellow members by searching the members-only online directory. Find colleagues you've missed, exchange business news and opportunities.  Young professionals and graduating seniors can jump start their careers with AIChE's unparalleled connection to member professionals. Get involved with the AIChE Community.

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Jobs and Career Support

AIChE's CareerEngineer is the specialized global job board for chemical engineers. Post your resume, find chemical engineering jobs, and set up job alerts!   AIChE members also have online resources to help you build your resume, practice interview skills, consult a career coach, connect with specialized job boards, research industry, make a career change, create a new business, and manage your success at every stage of your ChemE career.

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Professional and Technical Training 

Since training is essential to staying competitive, AIChE offers members discounted rates on technical training and management courses.

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Live and On-Demand

Get what you need from AIChE's archived and conference presentations; On-Demand webcasts covering current research and topical discussion, technical training, professional support, valuable AIChE Conference Sessions, career management and more critical content to support you, your research and your profession.

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Where can I find salary information?

AIChE has partnered with to provide customized salary information for chemical engineering professionals.

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What are some AIChE benefits for young professionals?

Discounts on rental cars, membership dues, access to eLibraries, and much more. At AIChE, you'll find benefits catering to young professional engineers.

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Program and Career advice for students and graduating seniors

AIChE Student Resource Center

How can a local section help my career?

Your active participation in AIChE's local sections provides the connections, career information, networking potential and leadership opportunities that you will find nowhere else. Local sections are AIChE's home to chemical engineers in more than 100 locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Learn the benefits of involvement. Find the local section near you.

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How can a division or forum help my career?

AIChE's divisions and forums provide state of the art information and opportunities for affiliation with top engineers in both fundamental and developing areas of the industry. These groups create the technical programs that make AIChE membership an indispensable part of an engineer’s professional development and viability. Divisions & forums provide meeting programming for AIChE and awards and recognition to outstanding chemical engineers in a particular specialty. 

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How can attending an AIChE meeting or conference help my career?

AIChE's meetings and conferences keep engineers up-to-date on the latest technological advances in this rapidly evolving field. Join your peers and colleagues as they meet to address the latest developments in energy, biological engineering, nanotechnology, sustainability and safety and chemical processing. Get the Conference schedule and topical content and remember:  AIChE membership pays for itself when you network with your colleagues and industry leaders by attending just one of these cutting-edge conferences!

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What exactly does a chemical engineer do?

A simple answer is they use science and mathematics, especially chemistry, biochemistry, applied mathematics and engineering principles, to take laboratory or conceptual ideas and turn them into value added products in a cost effective, safe (including environmental) and cutting edge process.  From the development of smaller, faster computer chips to innovations in recycling, treating disease, cleaning water, and generating energy, the processes and products that chemical engineers have helped create touch every aspect of our lives.  "Chemical Engineers in Action: Innovation at Work" outlines the many significant contributions Chemical Engineers continue to make to our world.

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Is the pay good for chemical engineers?

On a comparable basis with other professions, chemical engineers are well compensated. Even compared with other engineering specialties chemical engineers rank high on most compensation scales (usually 1st or 2nd on starting salaries for new BS engineers).

Where can I find information accredited engineering programs?

What are the different departments in chemical engineering?

There is much diversity. You could say that engineers primarily go into production/manufacturing, R&D, design, management/marketing or teaching. We work on petrochemicals, refining, specialty chemicals, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, electronics and information technologies. Some chemical engineers even get law degrees and specialize in patent law.

Does AIChE have discounted rates for unemployed members?

Yes, AIChE offers a 50% discount for members who become unemployed (for two consecutive years if needed).  Please call 800-242-4363 or 203-702-7660 (International) to renew your membership during this transitional period:  AIChE values your participation in AIChE and the ChemE professional community!