AIChE List of Presidents to Date

AIChE Presidents

AIChE's 2024 President is Alan E. Nelson. The past president and president-elect are Billy B. Bardin and Joseph D. Smith, respectively.

Following is the up-to-date list of AIChE presidents.

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Name Year Profile/Bio
Alan E. Nelson 2024 Profile
Billy B. Bardin 2023 Profile
Christine Grant 2022 Profile
Deborah L. Grubbe 2021 Profile
Monty Alger 2020 Profile
Kimberly Ogden 2019 Profile
Christine B. Seymour 2018 Profile
T. Bond Calloway 2017 Profile
Gregory Stephanopoulos 2016 Profile
Cheryl Teich 2015 Profile
Otis Shelton 2014 Profile
Phillip R. Westmoreland 2013 Profile
David A. Rosenthal 2012 Profile
Maria K. Burka 2011 Profile
Henry "Hank" T. Kohlbrand 2010 Profile
H. Scott Fogler 2009 Profile
Dale L. Keairns 2008 Profile
Lawrence B. Evans 2007 Profile
John C. Chen 2006 Profile
Jeffrey J. Siirola 2005 Profile
William D. Byers 2004 Profile
Dianne Dorland 2003 Profile
Sidney F. Sapakie 2002 Profile
Calvin B. Cobb 2001 Profile
Bruce A. Finlayson 2000 Profile
Gerhard J. Frohlich 1999 Profile
Vern W. Weekman, Jr. 1998 Profile
Thomas F. Edgar 1997 Profile
Basil C. Doumas 1996 Profile
David B. Nelson 1995  
Edward L. Cussler 1994 Profile
Ed J. Bassler 1993  
Gary L. Leach 1992  
Art E. Humphrey 1991  
Sheldon E. Isakoff 1990 Bio
Edward R. H. McDowell 1989  
James Wei 1988  
Stanley I. Proctor 1987 Profile
Harold S. Kemp 1986  
John P. Sachs 1985  
John H. Sanders 1984  
Robert H. Marshall 1983  
Richard R. Hughes 1982  
W. Kenneth Davis 1981  
James G. Knudsen 1980  
James Y. Oldshue 1979  
William H. Corcoran 1978  
A. Sumner West 1977  
Klaus D. Timmerhaus 1976  
Kenneth E. Coulter 1975  
Irving Leibson 1974  
Theodore Weaver 1973  
Thomas W. Tomkowit 1972  
J. J. Martin 1971  
Arthur L. Conn 1970  
Hugh D. Guthrie 1969  
M. S. Peters 1968  
Theordore A. Burtis 1967  
Stuart W. Churchill 1966  
W. B. Franklin 1965  
David A. Dahlstrom 1964  
W. Robert Bob Marshall 1963  
John J. McKetta 1962  

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