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About Integration of Renewables in Energy Systems

About integration of renewables in energy systems

Illusory belief in Smart Grids really being a Big Folly in a case of

large districts’ demand and supply, a cost problem to convert such

power in competitive artificial fuel because it needs electricity

cheaper USD 0.01/kWh, and any other electricity storage is a big cost



Such Synthetic & renewable fuels mass and cheap production from CO2

extracted from the air and H2 created by the water splitting, e.g. by

concentrated rays of magnetrons,

but a problem to have a electricity cheaper USD 0.01/kWh, being around

the clock and all year round. The last problem was my special

investigations of some years and can be solved by different ways.

Different inventions promise primary renewable electricity cheaper USD

0.01/kWh each at 5 years payback and then practically free.

They are.

1. Solar thermal heterodyne. 2020. It allows a rectenna to be feasible

at present level of rectifiers.

2. VAWT comprising a chain of units

rotated oppositely to neighboring ones, 2016.

3. Even well know solar PV panels can harvest 65% more solar energy

with a help of a planar foil reflector, adding additional sun to the

PV panel, 2020. Now such panels are dramatically cheapened,

and other energy technologies..

4. Sailboats with hydro-generator. 2017. Its electricity is

transformed on-board in hydrogen, and then in more transportable fuels

Breeding investment allows by credit for a first power plant in five

steps to invest and build some tens analogous power plants. .