Systems Biology for Engineering Metabolism | AIChE

Systems Biology for Engineering Metabolism


Shoemaker, J. E., University of Pittsburgh
Saha, R., University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Reeves, G., Texas A&M University
Stoppel, W., University of Florida

Both quantitative experimental techniques and detailed, computational modeling help illuminate the behavior of complex biological systems, including single cells, intercellular interactions, tissues, and even organisms (model organisms such a C. elegans or zebrafish are welcome here). With this knowledge, we can generate insight for modulating the systems for a desired outcome. We encourage submissions that highlight research involving experimental and/or modeling approaches for analyzing and designing the behavior of complex biological systems, including multi-scale perspectives (across spatial, temporal, or functional scales). If you are on the faculty market for the 2022-2023 application season, please submit your scientific abstract to the Division 15 Faculty Candidate session, noting the area (e.g., 15 D/E) to which your work applies.



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