(6e) Design and Processing of Open Lattice Structures for Tunable Fluid Phenomena | AIChE

(6e) Design and Processing of Open Lattice Structures for Tunable Fluid Phenomena


Woodward, I. - Presenter, University of Delaware
Fromen, C., University of Delaware
Patel, P., University of Delaware
The rapid evolution of additive manufacturing has realized previously unproducible designs, such as intricate lattice networks, which have demonstrated utility in heat exchangers, reaction vessels, structural scaffolds, biomedical implants, and even consumer products. A growing body of research has considered this class of materials for applications in process intensification, thanks to the variety of available designs and the range of available dimensions. However, much of the basis for these investigations is founded on historical use of stochastic open cell foams, and thus the potential of additive manufacturing for designing purposely tailored structures for fluid applications remains largely untapped. Furthermore, process variability further contributes hindrances to the adoption of these technologies. Here we investigate an assortment of lattice architectures in the context of fluid dynamics applications. Using the production-oriented Carbon M1 3D printer, we produce lattice parts for experimental pressure studies with homogeneous and heterogeneous unit cell configurations. Upon dimensional characterization, we observe that the photopolymerization process results in a scale-dependent gradient deviation from as-designed part dimensions, to which fluid processes may be more sensitive than structural applications. In response, we demonstrate a process for design-stage compensation to improve agreement between model predictions and experimental results. We further examine how scaling of the unit cell and overall part geometry contribute to fluid phenomena within these ordered open cellular structures and present guidelines for designing lattice configurations. With this complete pipeline, we illustrate the potential for additive manufacturing to produce tailor-made, multifunctional process components for chemical engineering applications.