Safety & Health Division (S&H)

Alerting engineers to the importance of safety and health.

The S&H division provides ways for chemical engineers and others to exchange information concerning all facets of safety and health. It is committed to:

  • furthering the application of chemical engineering to the broad field of safety and health
  • providing a forum for chemical engineers and others to exchange information concerning all facets of safety and health
  • acting as a source of information for chemical engineers not actively engaged in safety and health, and alerts them to the importance of the field
  • addressing problems of safety and health, and the protection of property in the manufacture and use of chemicals.

The Safety and Health Division also has the responsibility to assist its members to advance professionally. It fulfills this responsibility primarily through three program groups:

  • Loss Prevention and Process Safety (Area 11A)
  • Process Plant Safety Symposium  (Area 11B)
  • Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities  (Area 11C)

These groups are responsible for organizing annual or bi-annual symposia, usually 30 papers and presentations that emphasize technology and methods to assist practicing engineers to do a better job. The papers are compiled into proceedings for accumulating the best engineering practices for easy reference. Members of these groups can be viewed on the Program Committee's page.

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If you are interested in joining the Safety & Health Divison, you can do so by calling customer service at 800-242-4363 or +1-203-702-7660.


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