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Authors of CCPS’ Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS)

Author Company
Jonathan Babcock Eli Lilly and Company
Kumar Bhimavarapu FM Global
William G. Bridges Process Improvement Institute, Inc.
Christine E. Browning Eastman Chemical Company
Paul Butler Buckman Laboratories
Jeffrey Castillo Monsanto Company
John E. Corn  
Paul Delanoy The Dow Chemical Company
Carol Garland Eastman Chemical Company
Richard C. Griffin Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
Ken Harrington Chevron/Phillips
Bryan T. Haywood  
Wayne Jamison Intel
Robert W. Johnson Unwin Company
Jim Johnston Wyeth
Kevin L. Klein Solutia Inc.
Bob Lenahan Bayer BMS
Donald Lorenzo ABS Consulting
Mark M. Moderski Lummus
John F. Murphy  
Steven W. Rudy  
Narayanan Sankaran UOP
Gregory Schultz The Dow Chemical Company
Adrian L. Sepeda CCPA Emeritus
Martin Sich  
Steve Sigmon Honeywell Specialty Materials
Robert J. Stack The Dow Chemical Company
John C. Stoney BP
Angela Summers SIS-TECH SolutionsLP
Revonda Tew Process Improvement Institute, Inc.
Tim Wagner The Dow Chemical Company
David Wechsler The Dow Chemical Company
Joe Wilson Syngenta