eLearning FAQs

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Q: Where do I find the eLearning Courses?

A: Go to www.aiche.org/academy and open the 'Courses' drop down. Click on 'My eLearning Courses'.  On the next page, click on "Current Training" to access the Course you are taking or "Training History" to review past Courses.

Alternately, click on this link:  https://ecommerce.aiche.org/PersonifyEbusiness/redirectform.aspx?topclass=y


Q: How long does a Course last?

A: AIChE Academy eLearning Courses are self-paced and on-demand.  Once you register you can access all of the lectures and quizzes at your own pace.  And, you don't have to worry about finishing by a specific time. We do ask that you complete the Course within six months. The time commitment varies. See the individual Course pages for the length of each course.


Q: Can I revisit the content after I finish? 

A:Yes, AIChE on-demand eLearning courses never expire. Your access to the content is permanent.


Q: Do I earn credit?

A: You will receive 1 Professional Development Hour for each hour of Course work. You will be able to print a Certificate after successful completion of the Course.


Q: What special software do I need?


  1. Standard web-browser with Flash Player installed
  2. List of supported browsers & versions:
    1. Safari 4.1.3 and upwards
    2. Internet Explorer 9 and upwards
    3. Chrome 12.0.742 and upwards
    4. Firefox 3.5 and upwards
  3. Popup Blockers must be turned off
  4. JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled
  5. Adobe Flash Player 10 or later



Q: Can I print the slides?

A: Yes, the slides have been made into PDFs and are found in the Attachments tab. Feel free to print them, but do not reproduce them for any use other than your own education.


Q: What if I’m stuck?

A: Contact eLearning@aiche.org for help.


Q: Do I have to be a member of AIChE to access these Courses?

A: No, but AIChE members do enjoy a discount on the Course fees. In addition, employees of CCPS member companies enjoy a discount on Courses sponsored by CCPS.

Q: How can I propose a course?

A: Complete this form.

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