Ammonia as a Fuel Cell Alternative?

August 26, 2019

Fuel cells continue to be a hot topic, and as hydrogen fuel cell technology advances, we are also seeing fuel cell alternatives.

Renewable Hydrogen for Sustainable Ammonia Production

Special Section
Trevor Brown
More than half of all produced hydrogen is consumed in ammonia plants. Ammonia’s potential as a carbon-free fuel, hydrogen carrier, and energy store represents an opportunity for renewable hydrogen technologies to be deployed at an even greater scale.

Introduction to Ammonia Production

Back To Basics
Venkat Pattabathula, Jim Richardson
Ammonia is critical in the manufacturing of fertilizers, and is one of the largest-volume synthetic chemicals produced in the world. This article explores the evolution of ammonia production and describes the current manufacturing technologies.

Fate of Ammonia in Refinery Amine Systems

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 2, 2012
Fate of Ammonia in Refinery Amine Systems Ralph H. Weiland, Nathan A. Hatcher & R. Scott Alvis Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. Sugar Land, TX...

CEP: News Update

News Update
MOF Cloth Could Thwart Chemical Warfare A new method of growing metal-organic frameworks on fabrics could lead to clothes that protect soldiers and first responders against chemical warfare agents. A Zap of Electrons Yields On-Demand Ammonia Ammonia...

September 2016 CEP Preview

September 14, 2016

This month, CEP features a Society of Biological Engineering supplement that delves into synthetic biology. The issue also takes a close look at drug-delivery nanoparticles, among many other biological and chemical engineering topics.

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