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Members can subscribe to CEP or the journals listed below by calling Customer Service at 800-242-4363 or International 203-702-7660. Non-members can subscribe by clicking on the non-member subscription links below.

Ordering Reprints

Reprint articles in Biotechnology Progress, AIChE Journal, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, and Process Safety Progress are available from John Wiley & Sons.


Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP)

  • CEP articles from 2001 to present are available to AIChE members on the AIChE website. Those interested in all years, members interested in articles prior to 2001, please contact the Linda Hall Library at or call 800-662-1545.
  • For electronic reprints of articles published after 2001, please contact Karen Simpson at or call 646-495-1346. 
  • Subscribe by contacting AIChE Customer Service or call 800-242-4363 (International 203-702-7660)

AIChE Journal

Biotechnology Progress

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy

Process Safety Progress