Process Safety Information for Reactivity Hazard Evaluation | AIChE

Process Safety Information for Reactivity Hazard Evaluation

Reactivity incidents continue to occur in industry. Sufficient Process Safety Information (PSI) is critical to fully characterize and understand the reactivity hazards for a process. In some cases, specialty expertise is required to perform a gap analysis and determine whether existing information provides adequate information to characterize the hazards of the process. PSI is an important PSM element that can be applied to the PHA, operating procedures, training and many additional PSM elements.

Process Safety Information is vitally important to identify hazards and potential mitigation and control strategies. This article will identify relevant process safety information, how it can be applied to other aspects of PSM and relevant activities including storage, handling and processing. Consideration should be given to non-steady state operations such as maintenance, batch changeovers, startup, shutdown, and cleaning.

Resources are provided to help identify potential reactive hazards at your facility and for your operations. AcuTech personnel are available to provide support to conduct a PSI review or gap analysis.

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