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Industrial Atomic Force Microscopy Is Suddenly Accessible

Since its inception, atomic force microscopy (AFM) has provided immense value for scientific research. Visualizing material at an atomic level creates exciting possibilities in solid state physics, molecular biology, and other disciplines that benefit our evolving global society.

Unfortunately, utilization of AFM has often been limited due to complex technology that has traditionally come at a high expense while also requiring PhD-level operators. Absent such experience, AFM measurements have traditionally been prohibitively expensive and slow. Manual operation has required long training processes, and led to broken AFM tips and delays in producing quality images.

These barriers are finally being removed, as premier-level AFM instrumentation is continually being perfected to make it fully-usable by less experienced operators. An ever-growing market of AFM manufacturers has also led to decreased costs for high-level instruments.

This paper explores one such example of this: the Anton Paar Tosca AFM, which is making high-end AFM capabilities more accessible than ever before. You’ll learn how the Tosca provides AFM solutions that fit perfectly into industrial processes, as well as the key critical features that make measurement quality compromises a thing of the past.

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