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How chemical producers can plan now. Migrate later.

Due to the recent challenges COVID-19 has placed on chemical producers, the reliance on automation and digital technologies is accelerating. To maintain a competitive advantage and maximize asset utilization, faster change must occur. 

The industry has been forced to look hard at formulations, product flexibility, and the ability to run and support assets remotely and with less staff onsite. Additionally, since demand has fallen off and companies must preserve cash, the gap in human capital – experienced engineers, technicians and operators — will be exacerbated. 

It’s expected some trends are here to stay — including remote support and troubleshooting, key subject matter experts (SMEs) working from home, and more digitally-enabled operators. 

Simply put, the need for state-of-the-art digital technologies and Modern Distributed Control Systems (DCS) has never been greater. But companies considering a DCS migration now face an uncertain marketplace, limited in-house expertise and constrained budgets. 

How to move forward? With a disciplined approach, chemical companies can take cost-effective steps toward a DCS migration and a more agile future — today.