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  1. Closing the Gaps in Cybersecurity

    CEP Magazine article, November 2019

    The cybersecurity industry suffers from an immense talent gap. As the need for tougher security measures in industrial facilities becomes dire, numerous organizations are creating training programs to build and strengthen cybersecurity education.

  2. Looming Deadline Prompts Cybersecurity Concerns

    CEP Magazine article, November 2019

    This is an extended version of the editorial that appeared in the November 2019 issue of CEP When a chemical engineer thinks about risk in a plant or facility, the first few things that come to mind may be chemical releases, overpressure and explosion, runaway reactions, natural disasters, or human...

  3. Process Safety Beacon: What Does That Button Do?

    CEP Magazine article, November 2019

    Safety systems need to have a well-defined purpose. When activated, they must reliably respond as designed with the necessary action, such as in instances where a process must be stopped. The objective of a process control system is to keep the process within the critical safety control limits. (...

  4. Safety Minute: Fix Information Overload: Include a Visual Summary of Important Documents

    CEP Magazine article, November 2019

    Why? As more and more mental effort is devoted to managing the information, less mental capacity is available for understanding it. Research shows that decision quality falls by 50% after saturation. This Safety Minute was prepared by Larkin Communication ( ) in partnership with CEP...

  5. Process Safety Beacon: Look Out for Sluggish Control Systems

    CEP Magazine article, October 2019

    Imagine a process temperature that climbs beyond the setpoint. The temperature continues to increase and goes outside of the operating range. The available cooling capacity is sufficient, but the control system is slow to bring the process back into the operating range. Eventually, the control...

  6. Ensure Safe Scaleup

    CEP Magazine article, September 2019

    Minor hazards in the laboratory could turn out to be major safety concerns as the process is scaled up. Follow this guidance to ensure each stage of scaleup is safe.

  7. Process Safety Beacon: A Plugged Line or Equipment is More than Just a Nuisance

    CEP Magazine article, September 2019

    Approximately 1 hr after process startup at a facility that produced plastics, an extruder downstream of the reactor was malfunctioning. The process was aborted and an unusually large amount of partially reacted waste was diverted to a polymer catch tank. Inside the tank, hot molten plastic...

  8. NSF Funding: Planting the Seeds of Innovation

    CEP Magazine article, September 2019

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) issues hundreds of grants every year to translate invention into impact. This article discusses some of the many NSF funding opportunities and profiles several organizations that have found success due, in part, to NSF funding.

  9. Process Safety Beacon: Hidden Hazards

    CEP Magazine article, August 2019

    We all respect a sharp knife, knowing the potential for a serious cut. Similarly, we are naturally cautious around a drum of hazardous material that has the appropriate labels. However, it is difficult to determine if a pipe or vessel is full or empty, and whether it is pressurized. While...

  10. Safety Minute: Corporate Memory of Accidents Lasts Only Three Years

    CEP Magazine article, August 2019

    Background How to Communicate Accidents The goal is to make the accident communication so vivid that employees do not forget the accident. Communications using a dramatic illustration are remembered up to eight times longer than text-only messages. The next time you have a serious accident,...