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Super-Porous Solid Demonstrates Remarkable Stability


A new metal-organic framework (MOF) can adsorb nearly twice its own weight in moisture. And, the MOF can adsorb and release liquid hundreds of times without collapsing, making it a potential candidate for dehumidifying indoor environments, says Mohamed Eddaoudi, a chemical scientist at King Abdullah Univ. of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

“Regulating the escalating levels of humidity, especially in indoor and confined environments such as aircraft cabins and air-conditioned buildings, is a critical challenge, as the conventional systems consume large amounts of energy,” Eddaoudi says.

MOFs are an alternative to traditional dehumidification systems because they are extremely porous and easy to tweak by changing the functionality of the pore surfaces or the pore size and shape, Eddaoudi says. The challenge has been designing MOFs that are hydrolytically stable, i.e.,...

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