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An Activity Tracker for Monitoring Glucose


A wearable sensor resembling a fitness tracker that measures glucose levels throughout the day could make life much easier for diabetics.

To check their glucose levels, diabetics currently use a lancing device to draw blood, collect a drop of blood on a testing strip, insert the strip into a meter, and then wait for the blood glucose level to appear on the meter’s display. The sensors are based on a faradaic charge transfer mechanism. Glucose in blood reacts with the glucose oxidase enzyme on the sensor to form hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down, releasing electrons, which create a current that can be measured and correlated with glucose concentration. To produce a high enough current for accurate detection, a relatively large sample volume, such as that of a drop of blood, is required.

That widely used technique is invasive and time-consuming, prompting researchers worldwide to look for a better method.


Diabetics may soon be able to monitor glucose levels using a passive device that could be worn like a...

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