CEP: May 2015

The four pillars of industrial energy efficiency — operational improvements, effective maintenance, engineered improvements, and new technologies — represent the types of opportunities that can boost plant performance and achieve excellence in energy efficiency across the CPI. Other topics in this issue include successful projects, chemical looping, the future of the lecture, and Turkey's chemicals industry.


Much has been written about chemical engineering education, particularly what students should be taught to prepare them for a career as a chemical engineer. A major emphasis has been on identifying the knowledge and skills industrial employers expect their new hires to have. CEP has published several articles* on this topic recently, and many of you have shared your thoughts in letters to the editor. The discussions will continue, and we will continue to keep you apprised of AIChE’s activities in this area.

What to teach is only one term in the equation, though. How to teach the material is another. That was the subject of last year’s Institute Lecture.

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The Future of the Lecture

AIChE Journal Highlight
Edward L. Cussler
The lecture is an important and indispensible tool for teaching undergraduate chemical engineering students. The electronics revolution will not dramatically change the basic structure of the lecture, but instead supplement and enhance what is being taught.

Chemical Looping Rises to the Challenge

On The Horizon
Liang-Shih Fan, Liang Zeng, Siwei Luo
By separating a reaction into several subreactions, chemical looping minimizes exergy loss, facilitates product separation, and provides flexibility in process design.

The Four Pillars of Industrial Energy

Alan P. Rossiter
Enhance your facility’s energy efficiency through operational improvements, effective maintenance, engineered improvements, and new technologies.

Turkey’s Chemicals Industry Expands into Global Markets

Global Outlook
Metin Turkay
The Turkish chemicals industry has the potential for significant growth, with increasing demand coming from both domestic and global markets. To capture this potential, the industry will need to increase production capacity and diversify its product portfolio.
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