CEP: June 2015

The results of AIChE's biennial salary survey, which were discussed in an article printed in the June issues of Chemical Engineering Progress, cast a favorable light on the chemical engineering profession. The expanded web version provides additional information, tables and figures. Other topics in this issue include impellers, maintenance and reliability, and temperature measurement.


From To-Do to Done
I find inspiration for my editorials in all sorts of places. This month’s topic came to me from a list of strange holidays, where I came across September 6, Fight Procrastination Day. You might expect this in the October issue, or later, given the nature of the celebration. By covering it now, I’m doing my part to fight procrastination.

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2015 AIChE Salary Survey

Salary Survey
Chemical engineers continue to earn more than the average U.S. worker. The median salary of survey respondents is $127,000 — a 5.8% increase over the median reported in 2013. This is an expanded version of an article that appeared in the June 2015 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress.

Select the Right Impeller

Back To Basics
Julian Fasano
The key to effective, efficient mixing is selecting the appropriate impeller.

Minimize Errors in Temperature Measurement

Heat Transfer
John Garvin
Temperature measurements are most useful when they are accurate. Find out how to estimate the error attributable to a temperature probe and ways to minimize it.
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