CEP: July 2015

This month's cover article, "Do Your Due Diligence," provides guidance on how to conduct a comprehensive due diligence assessment. Other topics in this issue include SIS sensors, choosing impellers, synthetic biology and South Africa's Chemicals  Industry.


The Uninhibited Editors

The week before we send an issue to the printer can be both exhilarating and exhausting. So, I was intrigued by an article on scientificamerican.com, “Overworking Your Brain Can Spark Ideas,” which reported on research that found people generate the most creative ideas when they’re mentally exhausted. It never occurred to me that this might be an especially fruitful time for coming up with good ideas. I wondered how that research might apply to me, and whether it might suggest new ways to push the CEP staff even harder.

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Selecting Sensors for Safety Instrumented Systems

Back To Basics
Jessica Lo, Erik Mathiason, Chad McGuire
A plant’s safety instrumented system (SIS) is critical in preventing process safety incidents. Use this guide to help choose the proper sensors for your plant’s SIS...

When Mixing Matters: Choose Impellers Based on Process Requirements

Fluids and Solids Handling
Marcio Machado, Dr. Suzanne Kresta
The power number is one consideration in impeller selection. Other important factors include bulk flow, turbulence at the impeller, and mixing conditions at the bottom of the vessel and at the liquid surface.

Synthetic Biology: Putting Together the Pieces

On The Horizon
Michelle Bryner
Synthetic biology represents a new way of building biological systems via engineering tools and principles. Genetic components and pathways will be created to reprogram organisms, endowing them with novel functions for a wide range of applications.

Do Your Due Diligence

Career Catalyst
Herbert Cooper
Use this guidance to conduct comprehensive due diligence assessments and help ensure your acquisitions — of equipment, technologies, facilities, or companies — are operationally and technologically successful.

South Africa's Chemicals Industry

Global Outlook
Thokozani Majozi, Patrick Veldhuizen
Built upon the nation’s abundant coal reserves, South Africa’s chemicals industry spent much of the 20th century isolated from world trade. The abolishment of apartheid opened doors to its full participation in global markets.
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