CEP: March 2014

This month's cover story focuses on the basics of solid-liquid equilibrium as the foundation for crystaliization process development and how to use SLE data in designing a feasible process. Other topics include pressure measurement and sizing control valves for lab-scale laminar flow.


Whatever You Do, Don't Look Down

You’ve spent hours writing your paper, preparing the slides for your presentation, and practicing your talk. You’ve endured the humiliation of the airport security inspection, the frustration of the weather-related flight delay, the discomfort of the cramped airplane seats, and the disruption of your circadian rhythm after crossing several time zones.

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Introduction to Pressure Measurement

Back To Basics
Eugen Gassmann
Pressure-measuring devices come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to suit almost any application. This article describes the basics of pressure measurement and provides guidance on instrument selection.

Size Control Valves for Lab-Scale Laminar Flow

Fluids and Solids Handling
Grant Girouard, Paul Martin
Existing equations used to size control valves are inadequate for laboratory- and pilot-scale work. Use the simple equation introduced in this article to accurately size needle control valves for laminar and transitional flow.
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