CEP: June 2014

Thermal insulation comes in a variety of forms as well as different materials. This month's cover story discusses material selection for mechanical insulation used in the chemical process industries, with particular emphasis on new materials and new applications of old materials. Other topics in this issue include catalytic pollution-control technologies, pressure sensor fundamentals and Chile's mining and chemicals industries.


Getting ChE Education Right — Part 2

Our discussion of chemical engineering education began in the April issue, with the news story “How Well Are We Preparing ChE Students for Industry?” and my editorial, “Getting ChE Education Right.” This month, we look at education again, with two more articles.

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Selecting Thermal Insulation

Heat Transfer
Gordon H. Hart
From rigid boards, blocks, and sheets, to flexible blankets and foams, thermal insulation comes in a variety of forms as well as different materials. Here are some of the latest developments to help you choose the right insulation.

Mitigate Air Pollution with Catalytic Technology

Environmental Management
Kristine Baranski, Bailey Underwood
Catalytic oxidation and catalytic reduction control emissions by chemically transforming pollutants. Learn what equipment is available and how it works to treat exhaust streams from stationary sources.

Chile’s Mining and Chemicals Industries

Global Outlook
Luis A. Cisternas, Edelmira D. Gálvez
With abundant mineral resources, Chile’s chemicals industries are dominated by mining, with many of its operations among the world’s most productive and important.
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