CEP: January 2014

Read about the 21 most influential contributions in mixing research. Other topics include designing multistage agitated reactors; fermentation fundamentals; steam trap management; and process measurements. New this month, Chemical Engineering Progress has partnered with the National Science Foundation to provide our readers with Catalyzing Commercialization — one page of news related to developments moving out of the lab and into demonstration, prototype, and commercialization. Each month will highlight one or two new technologies that have received funding through NSF’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and that are relevant to chemical engineers.


ChemEs Just Need to Have Fun

Last month, I wrote about creativity and pointed out two ways to spark your creativity — relax, and look at things in a fresh way. As I was researching that editorial, I kept coming across another creativity booster: fun.

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Designing Multistage Agitated Reactors

Reactions and Separations
Gregory Benz
This article bridges the gap between theory and practice for the design of continuous-flow mechanically agitated reactors, with a focus on mechanical and hydraulic issues.

Fermentation Fundamentals: Brewing Bugs for Bioengineering

Back To Basics
Sujata K. Bhatia
A fermentation process leverages live cells to manufacture a variety of products. Choosing the correct host cell, as well as the optimal production equipment and method, are the fundamental first steps of these complex processes.

How Much Is Another Measurement Worth?

Douglas C. White
New measurements are valuable only if they increase the economic value of the plant. Evaluate a measurement investment by quantifying the expected improved financial performance.
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