CEP: April 2014

This month's cover story on industrial water reuse reviews water-reclamation technologies and explains how to determine whether water reuse is a feasible option for your plant. Other topics include pilot plant piping, maintaining accurate process safety information, Italy's chemicals industries, ChE Education, Climate FAQs, and more.


Getting ChE Education Right

When I was in college, I earned some spending money as a shoe model for a local freelance photographer. Little did I know I would become a cover girl. But a few years later, shortly after I began my career as an editor (at a different magazine), I was tapped for just that role. Wearing a black cap and gown and photographed looking out into a maze of piping in a chemical plant, I represented a young graduate facing my first job in industry. The cover line — “Chemical engineering education: How good is it, really?” — referred to an article that discussed the results of a reader survey conducted by two of my colleagues.

That was 31 years ago. Today, we are still pondering the same question.

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Reduce Water Consumption through Recycling

Environmental Management
Al Goodman, Allegra K. da Silva
Industrial facilities are increasingly turning to water reuse for a wide range of purposes. This article reviews water-reclamation technologies and explains how to determine whether water reuse is a feasible option for your plant.

Best Practices for Pilot-Plant Piping

Fluids and Solids Handling
Richard Palluzi
Pilot-plant piping is subject to more-frequent modification than typical process plant piping, and must be able to accommodate a range of media, temperatures, and pressures during its lifetime. Use this guide to determine which piping, tubing, and fittings are optimal for your pilot plant application.

Maintain Accurate Process Safety Information

Back To Basics
Sandipan Laskar
Accurate process safety information is the cornerstone of effective process safety management. Follow this three-phase approach to create and maintain an effective PSI program.

Italy's Chemicals Industries

Global Outlook
Simone Colombo
Italy’s many small and medium-sized chemical companies are crucibles of innovation, whose exports have helped the country to establish a strong presence in the global chemicals market.
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