CEP: September 2013

This month's cover story provides guidelines for selecting the most-effective chemical protective clothing for your work environment and task. Other topics include financial indicators and safety in the hazardous-waste industry. Also read about the latest developments in materials, energy, nanotechnology and catalysis.


The moving vans are gone, and we on the AIChE staff are quickly settling in to our new home at 120 Wall St., a special Association Center that offers lower rents for nonprofit organizations like us. While we think of this as our new work-home, more importantly, the move solidifies AIChE’s role as the global home for chemical engineers, as reflected in our new logo.

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Select Appropriate Chemical Protective Clothing

Michael Ziskin
From gloves, goggles, and safety shoes, to total encapsulating ensembles, protective clothing provides a barrier to chemical exposure. Follow these guidelines to determine the most-effective protection for your work environment and task.

Calculate Financial Indicators to Guide Investments

Back To Basics
John Anderson, Andy Fennell
Engineers can become better informed about their work with an increased familiarity of basic financial indicators. Use these insights to help ensure that the projects you work on are those that are most likely to become financial successes.
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