CEP: January 2013

This month's cover story provides loop tuning guidelines to help improve process control and enhance product uniformity. Other articles include: Shale Gas Brightens Outlook for U.S. Chemicals; Streamline Your Process Hazard Analysis; and Optimizing an Organic Rankine Cycle. Also read about the latest developments in energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and materials.


When reporting on events, writers and editors always need to be mindful of when the reader will receive the publication. This is especially critical for a monthly magazine like CEP. An event that is considered breaking news when we experience it or write about it will no longer be news by the time you get the issue. The future as I’m writing this (at least a few weeks of it) will be the past when you read it. That’s why we sometimes don’t write about what’s really on our minds.
For instance, I wrote the December editorial in mid-November, around the time of our office Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch. You would have thought I was a bit strange if I had wished you a Happy Thanksgiving in an article you were reading in December. That doesn't mean we always play it safe.

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Implement an Effective Loop Tuning Strategy

Back To Basics
Norman Ito, Timothy Olsen
Use these loop tuning guidelines to improve process control and enhance product uniformity Many undergraduate chemical engineering programs teach the Ziegler-Nichols tuning methods, developed by John G. Ziegler and Nathaniel B. Nichols in the 1940s...

Global Relationships Take Center Stage at the 2012 Annual Meeting

News Feature
In support of its strategic mission to become a global organization of chemical engineering practitioners, AIChE hosted three joint international symposia at the 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting held in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 28 to Nov. 2. AIChE joined with...

Shale Gas Brightens Outlook for U.S. Chemicals

Chem Economics
Martha Gilchrist Moore, T. Kevin Swift
The chemical industry will experience moderate annual growth over the next few years — ranging between 2.2% and 4.6% through 2017. The higher growth rate accounts for new investments announced in response to the abundant supply of shale-based...

Streamline Your Process Hazard Analysis

Molly R. Myers, Judy Perry
A little creativity during preparation — developing checklists, grouping similar processes, pre-populating worksheets, and considering possible deviations and safeguards before meeting face to face — goes a long way toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your PHA efforts.

Optimizing an Organic Rankine Cycle

Heat Transfer
Ali Bourji, P.E., Alan Winstead
An organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system can be a cost-effective way to convert waste heat to electricity. The key is finding the best ratio of net power recovery to capital cost.
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