CEP: September 2012

This month's cover story focuses on bio-based materials for biomedical implants. Other topics include selecting heat exchanger tube inserts; handling acids and caustics safely and discrete element method modeling. Also, read about new developments in biotechnology, materials, and energy.


If you saw my last two editorials, you probably noticed the sustainability theme — “On the Path to Sustainability” in July, and “AIChE’s Path to Sustainability” in August. Through our work as chemical engineers, we have the potential to make significant positive impacts on sustainability. There’s also much we can do as individuals.

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Handle Corrosive Acids and Caustics Safely

Richard W. Prugh, P.E., CSP
Understand the corrosivity hazards of acids and caustics, and follow these guidelines to manage those hazards through inherently safer design, engineering and administrative controls, and personal protective equipment.

Bio-Based Materials Step into the Operating Room

On The Horizon
Sujata K. Bhatia, M.D., P.E.
A new class of implantable medical materials — constructed from naturally derived and renewably sourced polymers — is poised to transform clinical medicine.

AIChE’s ScaleUp: A Win-Win for Students and Industry

Special Section
ScaleUp is a program launched in 2007 to strengthen connections between industry and chemical engineering students. Through corporate sponsorships, ScaleUp offers free AIChE membership to over 15,000 chemical engineering students at over 160 U.S...
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