CEP: March 2012

In March, CEP features include controlling corrosion in cooling towers, optimizing energy use in distillation, safe use of nitrogen, change management for engineers, and much more.


Sometimes I envy the ability of daily newspaper editors to write editorials that are relevant and timely — they can write about what is happening in the moment. Writing timely editorials for a monthly magazine is more challenging. For example, I’m writing this during Black History Month, on the Presidents Day holiday, at the start of Engineers Week. The general media’s coverage of these events is inspiring, but it comes too late for me to capitalize on it here.
Instead, I think ahead to what will be happening around the time when you will be reading this. According to Holiday Insights, March is National Craft Month, Frozen Food Month, Irish American Heritage Month, Music in Our Schools Month, Nutrition Month, Peanut Month, Poetry Month, Red Cross Month, Social Workers Month, and Women’s History Month. The second week of March is National Bubble Week and Crochet Week.

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Inhibiting and Monitoring Corrosion

Heat Transfer
Gary Geiger, Mel J. Esmacher, P.E.
Understand corrosion and ways to control it, and implement these monitoring techniques to improve cooling water system efficiency and reliability and reduce energy consumption.

Optimize Energy Use in Distillation

Reactions and Separations
Douglas C. White
Nonlinearities in the response of a column to changes in operating conditions and in common economic valuation functions can have significant impacts on the economic optimum energy consumption for the column. Here’s a way to account for such...

Use Nitrogen Safely

Dennis Croll, Paul Yanisko
Understanding the potential hazards and taking the proper precautions will allow you to reap such benefits as improved product quality and enhanced process safety.

An Engineer’s Guide to Management of Change

Back To Basics
R. Wayne Garland
Using a formal change procedure promotes safe operations and prevents injuries and deaths, and it will also favorably impact the bottom line.

Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

Career Catalyst
Loraine Kasprzak
LinkedIn - the social media tool most often used by professionals - allows you to establish an online presence, connect with others, and find business and job opportunities.
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