CEP: April 2012

This month, CEP's Back to Basics looks at minimizing the risks of flammable materials. Also covered are bulk solids segregation problems, Taiwan’s chemical industry, news about the latest in chemical engineering, from nanoglue to carbon management and a progress report on the recovery of Japan’s chemical industry.


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Minimize the Risks of Flammable Materials

Back To Basics
Daniel A. Crowl
Flammable materials can cause fires and explosions if they are not handled properly. Understanding these materials and the risks they pose is the first step to mitigating fire hazards.

Avoid Bulk Solids Segregation Problems

Fluids and Solids Handling
Eric Maynard, Eric Maynard
Powder blend consistency can be difficult to maintain during processing. This article provides an overview of common segregation mechanisms, highlights key sampling techniques, and offers practical guidance on preventing and solving segregation...

Taiwan's Chemical Industry: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Global Outlook
Shien-Chang Chen, Yu-Chen Hu
Since World War II, Taiwan’s chemical industry and economy have escalated dramatically. Self-sufficient in many areas, today Taiwan still faces the challenges imposed by government technical initiatives, international trade policies and regulations...
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