CEP: October 2011

The October issue of CEP Magazine looks at wastewater treatment technologies, using automation in pharmaceutical production, the reduction of compressed air costs, and more.


Last month's cover feature was the Back to Basics article, "Measuring Temperature by Direct Contact."Now, in this issue, you'll find two articles that include the quote, "if you can't measure something, you can't manage it."...

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Reduce Your Compressed Air Costs

Fluids and Solids Handling
Ron Marshall, Bill Scales
Annual operating expenses for compressed air systems can exceed the equipment’s purchase price. Follow these seven steps to implement efficiency measures that yield cost reductions.

Understand the Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment

Back To Basics
Mukesh Doble, Venkatachalam Geetha
Wastewater treatment technologies range from membrane filtration to UV radiation to activated sludge. Compare their advantages and disadvantages to select the appropriate methods for your application.

Germany's Chemical Parks: Industry Landscaping

Global Outlook
Chemical parks are synergistic environments for the companies located there — thanks to integration of infrastructure and shared resources and distribution networks. In Europe, Germany’s central location and unique geography have contributed to the...

Using Automation to Produce Quality Pharmaceuticals

Joseph S. Alford, P.E.
Automation can pay large dividends in the form of reduced process cycle times, lower operational costs, and more-consistent processes for manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical products.
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