CEP: May 2011

This month, CEP Magazine delves into the world of nanotechnology and its potential for major advances in medicine, productivity, sustainability, and quality of life. Included this month: a downloadable primer to nano-objects, covering common shapes, sizes, and compositions.


With two brothers over six feet tall (while I barely reach 5-ft, 2-in.), I hear more than my fair share of "short"jokes. My retort is a paraphrase of the old adage: good things come in short packages...

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Nanotechnology: A Guide to Nano-Objects

On The Horizon
Sravani Gullapalli, Michael Wong
Rapid change in the field of nanotechnology can make it hard to keep track of the latest nanomaterial developments. Here's a primer on the most common shapes, sizes, and compositions of nano-objects.

Addressing Combustible Dust Hazards

Back To Basics
Michelle Murphy, Molly R. Myers, Judy Perry
Facilities that handle or generate dusts are at risk for explosions and flash fires. Follow this approach to understand and mitigate your combustible dust hazards.

Implementing an IACS Patch-Management Program

Information Technology
Kevin Staggs
Maintain state of the art industrial automation and control systems (IACS) by using these steps to support an effective patch management program and implement it with minimum risk.
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