CEP: February 2011

In February, read features on metamaterials, understanding stream traps, budget battles surrounding mechanical integrity, and more.


You might have first heard those words as the lyrics of a Christmas song. Recently, it has become an advertising jingle for back-to-school shopping. Some of us would use the phrase to describe this month...

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Understanding Steam Traps

Back To Basics
James R. Risko
Steam trap failure can affect process operations and reduce profits. Choosing the right steam traps can improve reliability and reduce cost.

Minimize Mechanical Integrity Budget Battles

Jack McCavit, Daniel A. Long, P.E.
Chemical processing and manufacturing plants must ensure the mechanical integrity of their equipment. These strategies and tactics can make doing so easier when budget issues arise.

Correlate Data Effectively

Computational Methods
Faruk Civan
Follow these nine simple rules to avoid common pitfalls and get better results.
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