CEP: December 2011

This month, CEP Magazine features a look at using practical thermodynamics for process simulation, in addition to covering a variety of other topics from nanotechnology to pumps and the South Korean chemical industry.


This month's editorial was inspired by a Google doodle. Today (Nov. 18, 2011), Google is honoring Louis Daguerre on what would have been his 224th birthday (and my grandmother's 111th birthday) with a...

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Understand Thermodynamics to Improve Process Simulations

Computational Methods
David Hill, Fred C. Justice, P.E.
Selecting a thermodynamic model is an important step in process simulation — one that many engineers overlook. This overview of applied thermodynamics can help you choose the right model for your process.

Learn to Effectively Operate and Maintain Pumps

Back To Basics
Daniel Kernan
Centrifugal pumps play a central role in chemical processing. Proper pump operation and maintenance can improve a facility's productivity, reduce downtime, and trim costs.

South Korea's Chemical Industry: Progress and Challenges

Global Outlook
Jae Hyun Cho, Il Moon
South Korea's chemical industry is entering a position of leadership in the world market. However, new investments in energy resources, a shift to higher-value-added products, and development of core environmentally friendly technologies are needed...
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