CEP: September 2010

My first exposure to bioengineering was watching The Six Million Dollar Man on television as a teenager. In the show's opening sequence, former astronaut Steve Austin (played by Lee Majors) crashes during a test fl ight of an experimental aircraft...

What Pressure Relief Really Means

Back To Basics
Brian D. Kelly
Poor design, inadequate maintenance, and improper operation can all lead to mechanical failure. The basic concepts of pressure relief, when understood and applied properly, can help prevent this failure

Engineering a Healthy Body

Career Catalyst
Nick Hallale
These basic chemical engineering principles expose common weight loss myths and show you how to get into better shape efficiently and sustainably.

Improving Reverse Osmosis Performance

Reactions and Separations
Loraine Huchler
Follow these guidelines for monitoring, evaluating, and troubleshooting RO units to ensure reliable and efficient system operation.

Overcoming Obstacles to Innovation

Mukund Karanjikar, Jeff Lindsay, Cheryl Perkins
Despite high levels of spending and lofty innovation goals, companies often experience declining productivity. An understanding of the causes and remedies for innovation fatigue can free engineers and their organizations to achieve greater success.
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