CEP: October 2010

You've probably heard some of the jokes about engineers - the engineer who figures out the problem with the guillotine before it's his turn to be executed; the engineer who puts the talking frog in her purse instead of kissing it because she doesn't have time for a boyfriend but thinks a talking frog is cool...

Understand the Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pumps

Back To Basics
J. Howard Kelly, P.E.
Efficient and reliable pumps can significantly improve a plant’s bottom line. This article reviews important concepts that a chemical engineer must understand and the factors that need to be considered when selecting radial-flow centrifugal pumps.

Use Multivariable Transmitters to Improve Flow Measurement

Nathan D. Stokes
Advances in multivariable transmitters allow more-accurate and more-repeatable flow measurements to be made over a wide range of conditions. Here’s how to select the device with the right capabilities for your applications.

Reduce Risk When Sourcing Abroad

Fluids and Solids Handling
Gregory T. Benz, Ling Du
Purchasing lower-cost process equipment from vendors in developing nations can be an attractive proposition in times of economic austerity. When sourcing outside local channels, keep the points discussed here in mind to avoid costly problems that go...

Making Smarter Clean-Tech Investments

William J. Grieco, Adam Javan
Appropriate due diligence can help investors sort through the hype and identify the most viable ventures.
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