CEP: May 2010

Nearly 3,000 student members of AIChE expect to graduate this year (many this month, some in December), and we want to welcome them to the profession with a few words of wisdom. I asked my colleagues at AIChE headquarters to share their favorite advice for new grads...

Create Effective Process Safety Moments

Deborah Luper
Process safety topics are underrepresented in safety communications. Here are ideas on how to convey your organization’s safety priorities in messages tailored to the audience.

Evaluating Supply Chain Sustainability

Environmental Management
Joseph Fiksel
Lifecycle analysis (LCA) techniques can be used to quantify the environmental performance of a product, process, or service. This article describes several LCA methods and their application to supply chains.

Closing the Gap Between Engineers and Management

Career Catalyst
George Buckbee, P.E.
Work-style and communication differences often result in a disconnect between managers and engineers. Bridging this culture gap will allow managers to make better business decisions and bring engineers the understanding and recognition they deserve.

Understanding Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Ronald W. DiGiacomo
Consisting of a flow tube, field-generating coils, electrodes, and a transmitter, a magmeter accurately measures the flowrate of conductive fluids over a wide range of conditions.

Producing Hot Water by Direct Steam Injection

Back To Basics
Philip Sutter
Inline direct steam injection is more energy efficient than indirectly heating water in a tank. Use this overview of DSI equipment to select the appropriate system for your application.
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