CEP: June 2010

In this issue's cover story (pp. 23-27), retired energy executive and Princeton Univ. industrial lecturer Vern Weekman gazes into a proverbial crystal ball to get a glimpse of society's energy mix in the year 2050. He sees growth in non-CO2-producing sources, such as nuclear, wind, solar, and biofuels...

Gazing into an Energy Crystal Ball

On The Horizon
Vern W. Weekman Jr.
By mid-century, new energy sources could be integrated into the existing chemical-conversion infrastructure, but additional research is needed to fine-tune the technologies and improve efficiencies and economics.

Agitating Fibrous Materials

Back To Basics
Gregory T. Benz
Slurry agitation involves complicated processes. This article presents guidelines for understanding the rheology of cellulosic and other fibrous materials, and outlines a method for scaling up their agitation.

Making the Team: Teams, Teamwork, and Teambuilding

Career Catalyst
Eldon R. Larsen
A project team is more than a group of talented professionals. It is an interdependent unit, empowered with understanding, accountabilities and mutual support that permit it to achieve goals — both organizational and personal — more efficiently and...
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