CEP: February 2010

That's not a typo. ChEnected - Where Chemical Engineers Mix It Up - is AIChE's new online community that is set to launch at the end of this month...

The World of Wireless

News Feature
Matthew McKeon-Slattery
As wireless technologies have advanced, old limits have been overcome and new challenges have sprung up. Further growth is likely to be driven by specific application and cost-reduction needs. <br>

Successfully Navigate the Negotiation Process

Career Catalyst
Lisa L. Walker
Employment negotiations begin even before a job offer is extended. Having a clear plan of action, and an understanding of your objectives and those of your employer, will help you make the most of this important process. <br>

Evaluating and Documenting Tower Performance

Reactions and Separations
Daniel R. Summers
A good performance evaluation can lead to a significant improvement in column performance and establish a basis for future tower evaluations. <br>

Communicating the Cost of Product and Process Development

John Anderson
Decision-makers often require cost estimates for products and processes at the earliest stages of development — when many cost-determining factors remain uncertain. Identifying variables that impact cost estimates, and putting them in context, will...
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