CEP: December 2010

This month, CEP covers the topic of sustainability through eco-efficiency analysis and brings you a look at the subjects of chromatography for separating complex mixtures and heat integration for improved energy efficiency.


Actually, there are many reasons why I love my job. I interact with interesting people - leaders in their fi elds who are doing fascinating work in all corners of the chemical engineering universe, including energy, bioengineering, materials, nanotechnology, sustainability...

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Measuring and Communicating Sustainability through Eco-Efficiency Analysis

Environmental Management
Peter Saling, Bruce W. Uhlman
Eco-efficiency analysis promotes an understanding of the economic and environmental trade-offs over products’ lifecycles, and supports informed, strategic decision-making in all areas of a business, from spurring innovative product development to...

Using Chromatography to Separate Complex Mixtures

Back To Basics
Nathalie Fraud
Purifying high-value mixtures, such as pharmaceuticals, can be an expensive undertaking. Choosing the correct chromatography methods can improve purity and reduce processing time and cost.

Improve Energy Efficiency via Heat Integration

Heat Transfer
Alan P. Rossiter
Process heat integration using pinch analysis is a respected tool for achieving energy efficiency. This article explains what pinch analysis is and how to use it in process design and operation to attain real-world energy efficiency gains.

It’s a Gift: Make the Most of Holiday Job-Searching

Career Catalyst
David Madison
It is a common misconception that the November–December holiday season is an unproductive time for job-hunting. Smart job seekers take advantage of the unusual opportunities that the season brings — to position themselves for holiday job-search...
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